2 febbraio 2010

EtsyItaliaTeam Monthly Challenge - January #2

Here's the monthly challenge entries.
This month we had had two challenges and the second one has the theme of Mardi Gras, Carnevale in Italian - to be honest Carnevale is the entire period from the 17th of January and the beginning of the Quaresima, Martedì Grasso is only the last and the more exciting day of the entire period :)

In my hometown we eat a lot of  "strufoli", sweet fried (yes, a deep-fried egg-flour-rum-baking powder dough made into balls) things that we dip in  honey or cover with sugar. There is also a different kind of sweets , they're cut in long strips, made in knots, deep-fried and called "frappe" ! yum! :)
My mather makes excellent strufoli and my boyfriend's mother makes excellent frappe, but unfortunately i can't provide a picture, as there's nothing left since yesterday ;)
To cheer you up instead here are the EtsyitaliaTeam creations for this challenge, enjoy!

Salve, queste sono le entries per il challenge mensile (questo mese ne abbiamo avuti due) con il tema Carnevale..
vorrei riscrivere il testo in italiano, ma via, l'inglese lo sapete ein fondo conoscete benissimo anche il Carnevale ;)
certo, avevo anche detto che la mia mamma fa degli strufoli buonissimi... ma.. pazienza!

(come sarebbe a dire che sono gli strufoli??? eccoli, li ha bloggati una ragazza che non conosco, ma che abita dalle mie parti, li ha fatti in versione sia con il miele e con zucchero a velo e alchermes :D)
Ecco la foto:
OK, i've found a picture of strufoli in this blog: take a look! :)

2 commenti:

  1. mmmmmmm yummy strufoli ;)
    i love eating carnival sweets ;)
    our creations are really nice ;) thanks for the post ;)

  2. Oh my!!!! It seems that they are delicious!!
    Thank you for sharing our challenge!!