29 settembre 2010

The First Time...

Yes, it is the first time that I win something on a blog's Giveaway!!! :)
I've won super cute stuff at Nanofactory's first giveaway and I've found them in my mailbox this morning (as fast as lightning!) The bat is already on my bag, so I can show it off at work ;) the necklace and ring will be reserved for a more glamorous event ;)

E' la prima volta che vinco qualcosa a un 'giveaway'!
Ho vinto queste cose super carine sul blog di Nanofactory (il suo primo giveaway...) e le ho traovate stamattina nella cassetta delle lettere: velocissima!!!
Il pipistrello e' gia' sulla mia borsa, cosi' lo sfoggio al lavoro e faccio diventare le colleghe verdi d'invidia :P
A collana e anello verra' riservata un'occasione piu' glamour, cosi' come meritano! :D

Grazie Nanofactory

23 settembre 2010

We Find For You

Black Kimono Cardigan - by Nivule
The Black Shrug - by KnittingCate
London Fog Scarf - by Notforeat
Travel in Indochina Necklace - by Irenecollane
Japanese Chiyogami Ring - by RedFenyxJewels

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2 settembre 2010

We Find For You

Un pensierino per Elena che si e' sposata ieri!!! :)
For You Earrings - by Betsy3
Valentines Day Recycled Garland - by Tramontana
Little Mouse Hearth by bdbworld
Enchain My Hearth Pendant - by Gufobardo

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Potete trovare tanti altri bellissimi collage sul blog dell'EtsyItaliaTeam! :)